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Count on us when outsourcing your Letter of Credit Document Preparation and for your Letter of Credit Training. New! Check out our Training Testimonials!

We can either prepare your compliant Letter of Credit Documentation and manage your Letter of Credit Presentations, provide you Letter of Credit Classes so you can do it in-house or both.

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Fast. Clean.


Letter of Credit will work with your staff, your freight forwarder and any third party vendors to facilitate the preparation of pristine Letter of Credit documentation to get you paid and get it right the first time.

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Out source or Keep it in-house.
Either way, you are in a good place.

Letter of Credit can give you the tools you need to present clean accurate documentation every time.

It's recognized industry wide that over 75%-85% of all collections end up going on approval basis to the issuing bank so the buyer can approve the payment.

Let us show you how you can consistently be in that 15%-25% exclusive minority that gets it right.

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At your facility or ours..


Detailed training on how to take apart a Letter of Credit, create the Risk Analysis, prepare each document as required by the Letter of Credit and document templates to take with you..

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Letter of Credit has over 25 years of experience in preparation of Letter of Credit Documentation and presentation and is committed to getting our clients paid and passing on our Letter of Credit knowledge.


It's simple. We believe that our place in the community is to lead the industry with the highest level of accuracy and performance.

With our in depth knowledge of Logistics and International Trade combined with our Letter of Credit expertise, we are a powerful combination and strategic business tool for you.


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Would you like your Letter of Credit reviewed? Need Training? Preparation of Documents?

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